How it all started

Floga, the Parents’ Association of Children with Cancer, was established in 1982 at Panagiotis and Aglaia Kyriakou General Children’s Hospital of Athens by a handful of parents with children suffering from cancer. Floga is a non-profit organization (NPO).

These days, Floga has thousands of families across Greece under its wings, with offices and representatives in nearly all regions of the country.

Discover the history of Floga.

Our mission

  • To stand by children suffering from cancer and their families.
  • To fight for better medical, mental and social care for them.
  • To share their fears and concerns, and to support their fight any way we can.

Floga (the flame) will keep burning as long as there are children who need it and as long as we have all of you standing by us.

Floga will continue to shine bright, keeping warm all the children with cancer across Greece.

Our aims

We are fighting to claim our spot and to be able to intervene when issues regarding the medical, mental and social care of our children arise.

Our key targets are to:

  • Establish an institutional framework that governs the hospitalisation of children.
  • Train paediatricians at the oncology departments.
  • Care for adolescents at children’s hospitals.
  • Provide psychological support to families.
  • Give clear and honest information to parents.
  • Offer social care.
  • Raise public awareness about childhood cancer.

Floga will keep going:

  • For as long as cancer keeps killing one in three children who become sick.
  • For as long as cancer is considered a curse and for as long as the people are afraid to even utter its name.
  • For as long as the state does not sufficiently meet its obligations.


Floga is a non-profit organization (NPO).

The administrative and financial audit of the Association is performed annually by Deloitte certified public accountants.