Floga Beyond Greece

Childhood Cancer International (CCI)

The Childhood Cancer International (CCI) was established in 1994. Today it is the largest organisation in the world supporting patients with childhood cancer. It represents 171 associations of parents of children with cancer in 88 countries and 5 continents.

Floga is a founding member of the CCI. It actively participates in its activities, mainly through its European arm, CCI Europe:

  • Conferences hosted in Europe.
  • Awareness and informational campaigns.
  • Discussions at a European level on EU policies and legislative acts that relate to childhood cancer.

By participating in international associations, we:

  • Reinforce the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and experiences with parents all over the world.
  • Contribute actively in the effort to highlight the problems and needs associated with childhood cancer.

ERN PaedCan

The European Reference Network for Paediatric Cancer (ERN PaedCan) is an EU initiative to reinforce partnerships between national healthcare systems to the benefit of patients.

It aims to reduce inequalities in survival rates of paediatric patients with cancer by providing accessible, affordable and quality cross-border care to children with cancer, wherever they may reside.

The European Society for Paediatric Oncology – SIOPE and CCI Europe, as representatives of parents and patients, participate in the committee that oversees the work of ERN PaedCan.

Floga is the national contact point for ERN PaedCan in Greece:

  • Participating in the ERN PaedCan meetings.
  • Monitoring the developments and keeping up to date with the next steps.

Ensuring that we take part in working groups to provide feedback for programmes under way.