Become a Volunteer

What do our volunteers do

They dedicate their personal time, offering their services depending on their knowledge, experience and skills.

Recreational activities at our homes

You can organise recreational activities for the children hosted at our homes.

You keep the children occupied with games, puppet theatre, constructions, storybook reading and other activities.

To participate in recreational activities at our homes, you must commit to specific days and times that will be agreed when you start.

Participation in events and bazaars

Floga participates in various events aiming to:

  • Raise public awareness about our work.
  • Raise money through donations and sale of products.

Our volunteer team actively participates in these events.

Contribution based on your profession

Whatever your profession, you may offer your services voluntarily if the need arises.

We often work with doctors, architects, lawyers, carpenters, painters, photographers, translators and other professionals.

Contribution as a sustaining member

You may support the work of Floga as a sustaining member of our Association.

Find out how to become a sustaining member.

What are the conditions to become a volunteer

You must be over 18 years old, fill in the relevant application form and have a clear criminal record.

To become a Floga volunteer, you must be over 18 years old and fill in the relevant application form.

Volunteers are selected through personal interviews. Members of the Board of Floga as well as the Volunteer Team coordinator participate in these interviews.

If selected, you:

  • Are informed by the President of the Floga Board.
  • Submit a copy of your Criminal Record for general use, which may be issued through a Citizen Service Centre (KEP) or online through
  • Receive training/support from the Board and the other volunteers.