Participate in a Team

The Floga football team

A team of parents, children who were sick and friends of Floga embraces the children fighting for their life.

A different kind of football team

The football team of the Floga parents was born during the endless hours of waiting in hospitals and at the homes of Floga, through the stress for the day after.

Parents came together and decided to play with all their strength and stand by their children, hoping for the best.

Flurry of emotions at the stands

When sitting at the stands, the children hosted at the homes of Floga and their parents forget the hospital and the daily treatments for a while, and cheer, become ecstatic, scream and experience the carelessness of childhood.

But also even before each game, the flurry of preparation, effort and victory prevails in the Floga homes.

Who can participate

The Floga football team welcomes:

  • Parents whose children are being treated at the oncology departments of the Agia Sofia and P & A Kyriakou Children’s Hospitals.
  • Partners whose children beat or lost the fight with cancer.
  • Children of Floga who are now adults, have beat the disease for a while now and enjoy life with a new-found spirit and penchant.
  • Teachers and employees from our homes.
  • Friends of Floga.

Join us

Call us on +302107485000 and:

  • Apply to participate in the team.
  • Organise a football game between Floga and your own team.

The Floga football team has played many friendly matches to date with various teams, including the teams of the Greek Parliament, the Veterans of Panathinaikos, AEK, Ilissiakos and Ionikos, and the Association of Argolida Veterans.

Long-distance running team

More than 100 amateur and experienced runners run with the Floga colours to support our children.

Hesitant start

The Floga running team started off with 4-5 amateur runners who met for training every Wednesday in Filothei, in front of the statue of Greek marathon runner Stelios Kyriakidis, as part of their preparation for the Athens Classic Marathon.

They soon came up with the idea of dedicating these races to a valuable cause. They visited the homes of the Floga children, found out all about our work and decided to run for us.

The team is growing

Today, more than 100 amateur and experienced runners run with the Floga colours in events in Greece and abroad.

Every Wednesday afternoon, runners from across Athens, most of whom are working people and have families, meet up for their common cause. Some have rich and long experience in running, while others are newcomers, who believed in the aims of Floga and this gave them an incentive to participate in more organised events.

Standing by the children

The contribution of the long-distance runners is not just symbolic. They stand by us, supporting the work of Floga actively and emotionally.

They race to communicate to all sensitive citizens the heartbeat of hundreds of thousands of children with various types of cancer who are fighting for their life and health all over the world.

Join us

If you want to participate in the ling-distance running team and run with the Floga colours, call us on +302107485000.