How is the Board appointed

The Board is appointed by the General Meeting every 3 years. All full members may nominate themselves.

Appointed by the General Meeting

The Association is governed by a 7-member Board appointed by the annual General Meeting every 3 years.

The same General Meeting appoints up to 7 alternate members. If a Board Member resigns for any reason, they are replaced by an alternate member.

All paid-up full members may nominate themselves by submitting an application to the outgoing Board, at least 10 days before the elections.

Constituted as a body

Within 10 days from being appointed, the Board:

  • Convenes by invitation extended by the Member who received the most votes.
  • Is constituted as a body.
  • Assumes its duties from the outgoing Board.

It is constituted as a body by secret ballot, electing:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary and Alternate General Secretary
  • Treasurer and Alternate Treasurer

The members who will represent the Association at the Panhellenic Federation of Associations of Parents and Guardians of Persons with Disabilities (POSGAmeA) are also appointed.

What is the role of the Board

The Board convenes regularly once a month, but also extraordinarily. It represents the Association in acquiring rights.

Representation and responsibilities

The Board represents the Association in acquiring rights and undertaking responsibilities.

It is obligated to invite certified accountants to conduct the financial and administrative audit every year.

Meetings and quorum

The Board convenes regularly once a month, but also extraordinarily when the need arises, by invitation of the President.

It is in quorum when at least 4 of its Members are present and decisions are made by majority vote.

If a Board Member is absent without reason for 3 consecutive regular meetings, they shall be considered to have resigned and are replaced by an alternate member.

Meet the Board Members

Get to know the Board Members for the 2022-2025 mandate. The Board Members are not entitled to remuneration and offer their services voluntarily.

Board Member duties

The Board Members are personally liable for fulfilling their duties.

They offer their services voluntarily and are not entitled to remuneration.

The 2022-2025 Board

President: Maria Tryfonidi

Vice-President: Georgia Kokkinou

General Secretary: Athanasios Zormpas

Treasurer: Paraskevi Giannousi

Member: Loukas Dimakas

Member: Achilleas Manolopoulos

Member: Panagiota Oikonomakou