General Meeting

What are the responsibilities of the GM

The GM decides on all the issues of the Association and appoints governing bodies every 3 years.

The GM of members:

  • Decides on any issue specified in the Articles of Association and the law.
  • Votes on the accountability of the Board, the annual report and the budget.
  • Decides on amendments to the Articles of Association.
  • Appoints the Board, the Audit Committee and the members of the Branches every 3 years.
  • Decides on the possible dissolution of the Association, the sale of its property and all the issues of the Association in general.

How is the GM convened

The GM convenes regularly once a year and extraordinarily by decision of the Board or at the request of the full members.

Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings

The annual GM is convened by the Board in May of each year.

It can be convened extraordinarily on 2 occasions:

  • By decision of the Board.
  • By request of 1/5 of the paid-up full members to the Board. The request must also include the proposed agenda. The Board must decide to convene the GM within 15 days.

Invitation to the GM

At least 30 days before the GM, the Board informs the members of the day it is to be held, by posting the notice at the Association’s offices or in any other way (e.g. posting an announcement on the official website of the Association).

The invitation must include:

  • The place, day and time of the General Meeting.
  • The items on the agenda.
  • Whether it is annual, extraordinary or a GM to amend the Articles of Association.


A GM is valid when it is in quorum, meaning that at least 1/3 of the paid-up full members are present.

If there is no quorum, the GM convenes at the same place, time and day a week after the first convention date, without any further proceedings. In this case, it is considered to be in quorum, irrespective of the number of members present.