Equipping and Staffing Hospitals

Construction of departments and supply of medical equipment

In partnership with the oncology department doctors at public children’s hospitals, we identify and fund actual needs not covered by the State:

  • Establishment and operation of the only paediatric radiotherapy department in Greece (P & A Kyriakou Children’s Hospital).
  • Reconstruction and renovation of departments at Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital.
  • Installation of CT scanner (Agia Sofia Children’s Hospital).
  • Supply of medical equipment (microscopes, ultrasound devices, anaesthesiology stations, microtome, eye equipment, cryostat, hyper freezer, etc.).

Staffing of hospitals

To ensure that the children’s treatment progresses unhindered and to fully meet their needs, we fund:

  • The salary of scientific staff in public paediatric oncology departments (doctors, biologists).
  • The salary of support staff (psychologists, social workers, secretaries).
  • The Home Care programme.
  • Educational programmes for doctors and nurses.

Total funding for 2010-2020

Floga is considered a major support pillar, fostering the proper operation of the oncology departments in Greek children’s hospitals.

In the period 2010-2020, we made over €5 million available to public health:

Floga funding to public paediatric hospitals (2010-2020)
Medical equipment €1.8 million
Employment of scientific and support staff €1.8 million
Reconstruction and renovation of departments €0.8 million
Home Care €0.8 million
Tissue typing and registration of bone marrow samples €0.5 million
TOTAL €5.7 million

Floga is audited by Deloitte certified public accountants, pursuant to the IFRS.

For every purchase/donation to public hospitals, Floga pays an additional 23%-24% VAT.