Raising Awareness

Providing information about childhood cancer

We host multiple events in schools and organisations in Athens and regional Greece, as well as offer guidance to the families of Floga.

We make the most of every suitable and available means to raise awareness among the wider community, such as participating in telethons, charity functions and other events.

To this end, we:

  • Offer proper and well-rounded information to the general public, based on scientific data.
  • Highlight the significance of further research into both prevention and treatment, to improve the survival rates and the quality of life of the children.
  • Showcase the needs and shortages at state level (medical equipment, mental and social support for families, etc.) and how we can all help.
  • Educate people on how to recognise suspicious symptoms, which leads to early diagnosis.

Breaking down stereotypes

Childhood cancer is a serious, life-threatening disease, which requires time and suitable, specialised treatment.

It is not:

  • incurable
  • hereditary
  • contagious
  • a curse

Our children happened to get cancer and that’s how we look at it: like something that just happened.

We are not ashamed of it and we want you to accept us and love us just the way we are: baldness and all. We are hoping and waiting for the day when a bald little head will not seem strange to anyone.

Participating in awareness campaigns

We join forces with other organisations in Europe and around the globe, and participate in awareness campaigns for childhood cancer.

We celebrate the international days that have been established:

  • Gold in September is a program established to coincide with the month of September, which is recognised as the Childhood Cancer Awareness month.
  • International Childhood Cancer Day is celebrated on 15 February.

We also spread our message by participating in the Floga football and long-distance running teams.

Making the most of social media, we spread our message even further.