All children need to be carefree

Our children are tormented by long hospitalisation and ongoing, painful treatments. Instead of going to school and playing with their friends, their day-to-day lives are filled with medical tests and therapies.

That’s why we try different ways to help them regain some of their lost childhood and carefree spirit by:

  • Getting inspirational teams to visit the oncology departments, who keep the children occupied and entertain them while they are in hospital.
  • Setting up fêtes.
  • Organising trips to kid’s museums and theatres.
  • Hosting plays at our homes.
  • Going on mini excursions in Attica.
  • Distributing toys and gifts to all the children hospitalised during the holidays.

Daily volunteer programme

Our volunteers organise recreational activities at our central guesthouse for 2 hours every afternoon.

They keep the children occupied with various activities: painting, puppet theatre, games, storybook reading and much more.

Our team of volunteers is made up of young people, usually up to 35 years old. Most of them are students, psychologists and Floga childhood cancer survivors. All the volunteers are selected through personal interviews and have committed to specific days and times.

Find out how to become a Floga volunteer.