Summer Camps

Trips to Ireland and Italy

Each year, we sponsor 70 children, who attend special summer camps in Ireland and Italy.

The summer camps

Barretstown in Ireland and Dynamo Camp in Italy have been founded by famous actor Paul Newman, who is known for his charity work.

Children from many countries who faced some serious health problem are hosted in the magical facilities.

All the programmes have been specially designed to match and contribute to the physical and mental well-being of children who have fallen gravely ill.

Medical and nursing staff are on call night and day to meet the needs of all the children.

Life at camp

For 10 days, the children live in a beautiful and fully organised camp-site in nature.

They get the chance to meet children from other countries and participate in various activities: rock climbing, horseback riding, archery, fishing, theatre, arts and crafts, etc.

The children are accompanied at all times by adults who speak their native language, to facilitate proper and easy communication.

Away from their overprotective parents, and mainly away from the therapies and the hospital visits, the children live their dream along with children from other countries, without being treated as children with a problem.

That’s why mobile phones are forbidden at camp. In addition, throughout the programme, the children contact their parents exclusively through Floga.

How Floga participates

We undertake to organise and sponsor the participation of children from Greece.

Each year we sponsor 50 children who attend Barretstown in Ireland and 20 children who attend Dynamo Camp in Italy. We cover the airfares and any miscellaneous expenses that may arise for the children and their carers. Accommodation at the camps is free of charge.

We also recruit the carers who travel with the children and accompany them throughout the camping period. We ensure that there are at least 3 carers per 15 children.

The carers are volunteers who speak English fluently, while they must be over 21 years old. They are often doctors from the oncology departments in Athens, Floga childhood cancer survivors and other volunteers who are friends of Floga. All the carers participate in a training seminar before the trip.

More than just a holiday

Apart from relaxing and resting, children regain their mental health and confidence.

The summer camps in Ireland and Italy are more than just a holiday to spend some time and relax. There is a distinct line that separates the disease from the day after.

Many issues arise for discussion and reflection, in a beautiful and natural way. This triggers every child to do some soul-searching, bringing to mind and managing whatever had been preoccupying them. They have the chance to share their experiences, and think about what they want and how they can change their lives.

Through games, they are taught the concepts of camaraderie and equality. The children return rejuvenated, with a huge smile on their lips and with many new friends.

It’s amazing how one week can give back to these children the mental stability and confidence they lost during their treatment.

What the Floga children have to say about the camps

Find out more about the summer camps directly from the Floga children who have participated in the programme.

“It was magical! An unforgettable experience.” Panagiotis

“Floga gave me the chance to travel to Barretstown in Ireland. A thank-you is not enough for all the experiences I gained, while I also had the honour of meeting Paul Newman. Congratulations for your work once again!” Froso

“It was an absolutely magical, wonderful and extremely entertaining experience! A thank-you is truly not enough for everything that I experienced. Congratulations to FLOGA and a huge WELL DONE.” Anna