Standing by the Families

Our Homes

We offer accommodation to up to 50 families coming from regional Greece for as long as they have to stay in Athens. Our homes have been designed to offer the right environment for the children undergoing treatment. Apart from free accommodation, parents and children also receive psychological and mental support.

Home Care

Specially trained nurses visit the children living in Athens and perform simple medical procedures in the comfort of their home. Children spend less time in hospital, which facilitates their day-to-day life, and reap multiple benefits on a mental and medical care level.

Psychosocial Care

Our psychologists provide free mental support to children and their families during treatment and beyond. In addition, our social workers advise and guide the families on institutional matters and their relevant dealings with public services.

Social Fund

Caring for a child with cancer requires the utmost attention of parents. As a result the financial needs increase and parents often find themselves at a financial dead-end. We stand by the parents of our children, financially supporting those in need, by paying for necessary medical tests and providing free services.