Home Care

What is Home Care

We offer children living in Athens the chance to undergo simple medical procedures in the comfort of their home.

Medical procedures at home

Specially trained nurses perform simple medical procedures, such as blood draws, Hickman catheter care or subcutaneous injections, at the children’s homes.

This way, the children don’t have to visit the hospital daily. Some days, they can receive the necessary professional care at home.

A partnership between Floga and the oncology departments

The programme was launched in 2009, in partnership with the oncology departments of the two children’s hospitals in Athens: Agia Sofia and P & A Kyriakou.

It was an idea that the oncology department of P & A Kyriakou Children’s Hospital first shared with us, after they had conducted a feasibility study. However, the success of the programme is owed to the doctors and nurses of the two hospitals, who have shown a keen interest in it.

Floga has fully undertaken to fund and implement the programme (around €80,000 annually).

Until 2015, the exclusive sponsor was GlaxoSmithKline. As of 2017 the programme is sponsored by the OTE Group.

How are the families benefited

With fewer visits to the hospital, we improve the quality of life of the children and their families.

With over 2,500 home visits every year, we actively help the children and their families:

  • Less waiting time in hospitals. The children visit the hospital less frequently. Also, they do not have to wait in hospital for the results of their tests.
  • Less exposure to risks. Children have fewer chances of catching a virus, as they are exposed to fewer risks, given that they are not stuck in crowded hospitals or need to travel. This way, they may continue treatment without delays and according to the schedule mandated by their treatment protocol.
  • Improved medical care. The fewer the number of children in hospital the better the care the children who really need to be there can receive.
  • Improved mental state of children. The children have more time in their hands to play and rest. They are not inconvenienced from continuous visits to the hospital. They get their peace and quiet.
  • Fewer work absences for parents. The parents do not have to take a whole day off from work for medical procedures that only take up a few minutes.