Our Homes

Our children’s homes

Up to 52 families from across Greece are hosted free of charge at the specially designed Floga homes.

The main home of Floga

The main guesthouse opened its gates in October 2002. Hundreds of families from across Greece have been hosted so far.

It is located in Goudi, very close to the children’s hospitals of Athens.

It has 23 rooms to accommodate families, shared kitchen and common areas, a school, a playground and a chapel.

The plot of land where the guesthouse was built was bought in 1990. Part of the cost for the construction was paid with a donation by the Papadopoulos family, while Ms Dimitra Galazoudi paid for the furnishings.

The home of Floga

To meet the increased needs for accommodation in the period 2007-2012, we bought 9 apartments on 7 Aigiou Street, across our main guesthouse.

The 9 apartments offer accommodation to 10 children.

Two small apartments were funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and one apartment by the Papadopoulos family, in memory of Miranda Papadopoulou.

The home for adolescents

In June 2017 we opened a guesthouse for adolescents hospitalised at Agios Savvas hospital and other adult hospitals in Athens.

The guesthouse in located in Cholargos and can accommodate up to 8 families. It consists of two two-storey buildings with 7 small independent apartments.

The guesthouse was donated to Floga by the Holy Archdiocese of Athens, at the request of Nikolaos and Ioanna Kamaratou, who exclusively funded its construction.

The guesthouse was furnished with a donation from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

The home of transplant children

In December 2016 we inaugurated a new home for transplant children across from our main guesthouse.

It consists of 9 independent apartments, designed to meet the special accommodation needs of children who have undergone transplants.

The home was donated by Ms Elisavet Foteinelli-Kritikou and was renovated with donations from thousands of friends of Floga.

Life at the home

We secure excellent accommodation conditions for the families, in a friendly environment, suitable for children undergoing treatment.

A big family

Our guesthouse has been designed to foster contact and communication among the families hosted.

Our aim is for the families to feel as a part of a unit and not alone.

The many common areas, such as the shared kitchen, lounge room, playgrounds and courtyard, assist in this, as young and old gather there to talk and play.

We also organise excursions to amusement parks, short trips within Attica and even movie nights for the older children, with the Floga mini van.

At the request of many parents, we also constructed a small chapel within the guesthouse courtyard.

The operating expenses of the guesthouse, such as employee salaries and running expenses (bills, maintenance, heating oil, etc.) are fully covered by Floga.

Our school

The Home of Floga also runs a school with staff on secondment from the Ministry of Education. It runs a kindergarten, primary school and junior high school.

This way, children have the chance to attend classes as per normal during their treatment and not miss a school year.

As is the case with all schools, we organise school fêtes with poems and songs, and visits to museums.

Many evenings, the school area is converted into a small movie theatre for parents and children.

How we help

We provide solutions to practical everyday problems, while offering a loving and caring environment.

At our homes, we manage to meet many of the needs of children and parents coming from regional Greece:

  • Direct access to hospital. The homes are located practically next-door to the hospitals of Athens (250 m). This makes the frequent transportation of children to and from hospital for exams and treatments easier.
  • Financial benefit. The families are hosted free of charge for as long as necessary. This way, they do not have to pay extra rent and bills during treatment, which may last several months. Especially in the case when a parent has been forced to quit their job to stay close to their child.
  • Sociability. The families coming to Athens usually don’t know anyone and have left their family and friends behind. At our homes, they have the chance to meet and spend time with other parents and children.
  • Support and understanding. People sharing a common problem come together at our homes. These parents have the chance to share their concerns and fears in a safe environment, filled with love and respect. This way, they find the strength to continue their uphill battle.
  • Daily assistance. We try to help the families as much as we can, with guidance, advice, vehicle for their transportation, etc. Meanwhile, the parents help one another, sharing the burdens and making everyone’s stay easier.

For all these parents, life at the guesthouse will stay in their hearts and memories forever, as it is linked to their battle to win the life of their child.