Social Fund

Increased financial needs

Providing treatment and caring for a child with cancer is time-consuming and demanding. Parents who find themselves in this spot must dedicate all their time to the child who needs them.

A parent is often forced to stop working or is fired, as the long-term hospitalisation and ongoing care that a child with cancer needs take up all of their time.

Sometimes parents have to turn to the private sector for medical tests because they may not be available through the public hospitals, it may be emergency or they may not be covered by the insurance funds.

Even greater difficulties arise for families coming from regional Greece, as they also have to cover the cost of constant travel, but also ensure that the rest of their children who are left behind are taken care of.

How we actively help

For parents to be able to dedicate themselves to the care of their children undistracted, we:

  • Offer financial support to families in need.
  • Pay for medical tests that have to be performed at private clinics and hospitals or are not covered by social insurance funds.
  • Provide free accommodation to families from regional Greece.
  • Offer free psychological support.